Tata Sky Theatre presents the Marathi play, Dear Aajo 

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The Newz Biz Team, PUNE

Marathi theatre industry has taken centre stage with their beautiful slice-of-life feel-good stories. If you miss going to a theatre and watching Marathi plays, here is a unique solution right at your doorstep. Tata Sky Theatre in association with Zee Theatre presents a televised version of the famous Marathi play Dear Aajo.  on 21st Feb @12pm & 7 pm only on tata sky theatre. Directed by the renowned Ajit Bhure, the play features actress Mayuri Deshmukh alongside veteran actor Sanjay Mone as the main lead.

Commenting on her experience, the actor turned writer, Mayuri Deshmukh said “With televised plays, Marathi theatre is gradually inching towards making its presence globally. We have seen the audience for Marathi dramas increasing with every passing year and televising this play was another step towards it.   Dear Aajo is a contemporary drama that explores the relationship of an Indian grandparent with his American granddaughter.

The granddaughter is forced to live with her grandfather for a short period of time. She is used to living a liberated and unbounded life on her terms in America. Hence, her life with her protective and grumpy grandfather feels constricted. But what starts as a difficult journey soon takes a sweet turn when they brave their differences and form a strong bond, to a point that the granddaughter refuses to get married and leave him behind. Her marriage condition brings a new set of problems for them.

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